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Bug writing requirements

The following information is required on a bug report to enable the problem to be quickly replicated and diagnosed:

  1. A concise description of the problem.
  2. A minimal test-case including reduced source code and makefiles1).
  3. Observed outcomes, including log files or error messages.
  4. Any other info that is relevant to the bug report that you think might be useful.

Constructing a minimal test-case

A minimal testcase is a piece of code that is stripped down as much as possible, in such a way that it demonstrates the problem without any extraneous functionality or proprietary information. Here are some guidelines for creating a minimal testcase:

  1. Include only code that takes part in the problem.
  2. Strip any code that does not influence the problem and see if the problem still exists.
  3. Provide the test-case in the form of source code and build scripts (Makefiles).
  4. Add any helpful documentation to the code.
  5. Ensure that the test-case builds and runs.

What is not required in a bug report

  1. Absence of a detailed description, log files or minimal test-case.
  2. An entire project directory is not a minimal test case.
  3. Proprietary or confidential code or documentation should be stripped away when producing the minimal test case.
  4. Binary files of any description should be avoided. All errors should be able to be reproduced from source.
  5. Unnecessary files, such as temporary files or local configuration files.

Obtaining toolchain and platform info

Use the following commands to obtain version and platform information about the ESCP and N-Mesh toolchains:


$ escp_precompile --version
Example output:
ESCP SDK 1.93 rev 214. Built on: X86 (Little-Endian) GNU/OS-X (32 bit).


$ nmesh -v
Example output:
NMesh clang version 3.8.0 (tags/RELEASE_380/final) (based on NMesh 2.0 rev. 341)
Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Thread model: posix

See also

The GCC project has a great explanation of minimal test cases on their site, where it states, “Most test cases can be reduced to fewer than 30 lines”.
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