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Reporting bugs in N-Mesh or ESCP

A great way to report bugs is to use the Bugzilla system, which is an open and scalable incident tracking system used by many of the largest and most complex projects in the industry, such as the GNU-GCC and LLVM/Clang projects. Bugzilla seems to be particularly well-suited for ESCP and N-Mesh as these are also both compiler toolchains.

We recommend using Bugzilla because it helps to prevent things from “falling through the cracks”. But whether you use Bugzilla or not to report bugs during beta testing, we do require that testers provide a detailed description along with a minimal test case so we can replicate and diagnose any reported problems.

Bug writing requirements

The following information is required on a bug report to enable the problem to be quickly replicated and diagnosed:

  1. A concise description of the problem.
  2. A minimal test-case including reduced source code and makefiles1).
  3. Observed outcomes, including log files or error messages.
  4. Any other info that is relevant to the bug report that you think might be useful.

See also

The GCC project has a great explanation of minimal test cases on their site, where it states, “Most test cases can be reduced to fewer than 30 lines”.
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