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N-Mesh Test Suite

The LLVM test-suite is used to validate N-Mesh prior to a beta or live release. This suite contains over 2500 C and C++ programs of varying functionality and complexity to provide a comprehensive test coverage of N-Mesh obfuscation and of the underlying LLVM compiler infrastructure.

Installing the N-Mesh Test Suite

The N-Mesh test suite's sandboxed environment must be installed prior to running the tests:

  1. Follow the installation guide in the LLVM documentation to set up the basic LLVM test suite.
  2. Copy the driver script to your sandbox virtual environment.

Running the N-Mesh Test Suite

Once the test sandbox environment is installed, simply execute the script to run the test suite with the default N-Mesh obfuscation settings. This may take an hour to complete depending on the performance of your test machine.

Sample output

Program                                                                          | CC   CC_Time CC_Real_Time CC_Hash                          Exec Exec_Time Exec_Real_Time
MultiSource/Applications/ALAC/decode/alacconvert-decode                          | pass  1.5575  1.7431      a6db10da6d4f634a33c38c114923ca01 pass  0.0233    0.0266
MultiSource/Applications/ALAC/encode/alacconvert-encode                          | pass  1.5934  2.0767      a6db10da6d4f634a33c38c114923ca01 pass  0.0461    0.0486
MultiSource/Applications/Burg/burg                                               | pass  1.8532  2.1053      75e3b8ddc1f642c4b4035ddfdb06b4ba pass  0.0010    0.0044

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